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Temperature Controlled Storage Units

temperature controlled storage buildings

Made with the same costructive idea of our containers. We develop and design customized solutions which are able to maintain the products at the required temperature.
Certified and tested with ATEX certified components all our temperature controlled buildings are equipped with forced ventilation systems and with cooling or heating systems.

Antifreeze protection of products

For a low temperature maintenance of antifreeze type we propose a heating with resistances of static type, also in ATEX version, housed on the bottom of the thermal chamber.

Refrigeration for safety reasons

All our temperature controlled storage buildings, refrigerated or thermostatted, are tailored on customer’s needs.
Able to keep the products in a refrigerated environment or at a constant temperature indipendently from the seasons, the systems can be realized for a complete air recirculation or to mix internal and external air. All systems are mounted on the storage buildings making them free standing.

Fire protection

For the maximum safety we can equipped the units with fire protection systems such as water sprinkler or gas cylinders fire extinguishers. The control is entrusted to dedicated and independent fire control units.
All our systems are controlled by modern programmable control units able to control all the operating parameters of the plant, with remote signals and alarms.

Consultancy & Design

Our highly specialized Engineering Department is at your disposal to guide you into a deep analysis of your needs, risks and dangers to provide you the best customised solution.

Temperature control is ideal for the management of dangerous substances

A storage building can be a "regular" storage unit or a highly technological system capable of managing the temperature of stored liquids.
A field of action that crosses all industrial sectors and whose priority is to offer specific solutions able to control the thermal variations of the substances stored.
For these projects you need experts who leaves nothing to chance.
Our temperature controlled units integrate the production process of your business since they are also an efficient solution able to guarantee the optimal rationalization of the resources with high economic benefits.

Multiple applications

The customization we make is not only at dimensional or storage capacity level but it means also specific equipments and internal finish - such as the coating in polypropylene or polyethylene.

We know that every business present peculiarities and very specific needs and for this we can provide free technical consulting so you have the best solution on the market in a timely fashion.