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The Justrite STUD-E™ workplace safety survey assists in creating and maintaining a safe workplace.  Preventing accidents in the workplace is much more than PPE - it starts with recognizing potential risks.

How does STUD-E™ work?

We'll conduct a complete walkthrough of your facility. We'll use our comprehensive knowledge of Standards and Regulations to provide a Threat Assessment and Site Vulnerability assessment.  This 360-degree survey will help you Understand present any potential safety issues. We'll also guide you in correcting the problems through a printed or emailed Document avaulable for you to use and implement as an action plan for preventing future accidents/  From policies to processes to products, we know workplace safety can be cumbersome.  That's why the STUD-E™ survey serves as the Easy way to reiterate any important safety issues for management to address for preventing accidents in the workplace.

Using our proprietary, custom-built app designed by safety engineering experts, STUD-E prioritizes critical workplace safety issues while helping to balance the bottom line. This includes:

  • Preventing compliance violations from OSHA and EPA
  • Avoiding costly fines
  • Preventing workers comp claims
  • Lowering insurance premiums
  • Enhancing process improvements

to schedule your FREE workplace safety survey.