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Custom engineered safety storage and handling equipment

Your uniqueness deserves specific solutions.

When we think to “uniqueness” we have in mind your identity and your daily business life with all its specific needs.
We engineer for you the safety materials storage and handling equipments that perfectly suits your reality, the workplace and the usage you will do with our products.

The art of design, the power of technology

“Design is the art of shaping comfort and the usage experience with the power of technology.” – Antonio Loiacono Engineering Manager

All our projects starts from deeply investigating and analysing the plant safety risks and spaces, on that we design our tailor-made solutions for safety material handling and storage.
The design phase is a highly analytical and technical process that include the attention to the materials, the shape and all the technical details that will significantly improve the safety level and simplify the operations with operative cost reduction for our customers.


Virtual prototyping for virtual testing before we manufacture pre-serie prototypes to evaluate the performances of the product and to test it.

Structural tests, stress tests & usage tests

Your safety is our priority.

All our products undergo structural and stress tests and tests of use to assess their strenght as well as their usage performances.
The art of design, the power of technology

Quality and certifications

  • Complete traceability of materials
  • Certified production process UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Certified welding quality UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021
  • Certified and skilled personnel for non destructive test UNI EN ISO 9712:2012
  • Certified penetrant liquids testing UNI EN ISO 3452-1:2013
  • Certified visual testing UNI EN 13018:2016
  • Certified acceptance levels UNI EN ISO 23277:2015
  • Certified quality levels of imperfections in fusion-welded joints UNI EN ISO 5817:2014
  • UNI EN 1090-2:2018
  • NTC 2008
  • EN 13501-2:2016 classification procedure for construction products and building elements based on data from fire resistance and smoke leak tests according to the field of application of the relevant test method.
  • UNI EN ISO 12944: standard for paint resistance against corrosion