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The Benefits of Justrite Rigid-Lock QuickBerms®: A Versatile and Reliable Chemical Storage Solution

In today's fast-paced industrial and commercial sectors, maintaining a safe and secure work environment is crucial. Effective spill containment is a key aspect of safety measures, and Justrite's Rigid-Lock QuickBerms offers an innovative solution for temporary storage of chemicals. These flexible spill containment berms provide a reliable and secure barrier, ensuring the safe containment of hazardous materials and preventing their spread.

These multi-functional QuickBerms can be used in various industries such as chemical, military and defense, construction, mining, oil, and gas. Their reliability is proven in diverse scenarios, from ensuring safe and secure refueling processes in desert environments to effectively managing hazardous and volatile substances in military operations.

4 key features that make it the perfect solution for spill containment:

1.    Patented Rigid-Lock Wall Support System

Unlike traditional berms, Rigid-Lock QuickBerms feature an innovative built-in support mechanism. This lightweight yet sturdy system eliminates the need for external support, enabling quick and hassle-free setup.  A simple push on the walls unlocks the support and lays the wall down for drive-through capability from any angle.

2.    Portability and Flexibility

Rigid-Lock QuickBerms are highly portable, allowing for easy transportation and deployment across various locations. Their flexibility enables them to conform to uneven surfaces, ensuring effective containment.

3.    Customizable Options

Justrite’s Rigid-Lock QuickBerms are available in a range of sizes and capacities catering to different applications. Whether it's small spill containment or large-scale storage tank protection, these berms can be customized to meet specific requirements.

4.    Chemical Resistant

Rigid-Lock QuickBerms offers superior protection and chemical resistance against the harshest of liquids, including petroleum, oils, greases, and most acids. Made from heavy-duty modified PVC fabric, these berms can withstand long-term UV exposure making it ideal for outdoor use.

Justrite's Rigid-Lock QuickBerms contribute to environmental protection, worker safety, regulatory compliance, and cost-effective spill response. By utilizing these flexible spill containment berms, the impact and potential risks associated with hazardous material spills can be significantly minimized.

Furthermore, they meet mandatory safety standards in Europe, ensuring compliance with regulations.

If you would like to know more about our range of QuickBerms or any of our other spill containment and material handling products, please visit us at

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  • Chemical resistant and withstands long-term UV exposure— great for outdoor use
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