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Uni Imperial™ 019 Notrax entrance mat Off White

Art. no: 019-OW
Product description
Absorbent uni-colour carpet mat with durable vinyl backing.
  • Custom Length
  • Standard Sizes
  • Custom Size
  • Portico or Covered Outdoor Areas
  • Indoor Use
  • Fire Retardant
  • Dirt Scraping
  • Absorbing
  • Wheelchair
  • Medium Traffic
Colour: Off White
  • images/25779/notrax-019-uni-imperial-entrance-mat-off-white-full-1397.jpg?sf=1
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Product Features
  • A durable vinyl backing with smooth finish adapts to any surface
  • Tufted Frieze cut loop pile consisting of 100% non-crush polyamide 6 high twist yarns
  • 700 grams of yarns per m²
Product description
The Uni Imperial™ can be printed as a mono-coloured mat in full colour to match your mat to any interior colour scheme or to use together with the custom printed logo mats for a colour coordinated matting system. The Uni Imperial™ has almost infinite colour possibilites, can be printed in standard sizes, custom lengths and custom sizes up to 200 cm wide for loose lay or in recessed frames allowing tailor made matting solutions. This high quality multi-functional dust control mat is densely tufted to ensure a high water absorption capacity and dirt removal for a truly effective solution. A durable vinyl backing with smooth finish adapts to any surface. The BrilliantStep™ printing method ensures brilliant colours all the way through with a colour fastness that is ensured, in accordance with DIN54006.
Selling Points
  • Thickness: 8.5 mm
  • Custom lengths and sizes
  • Fire Rating Bfl-S1
Technical specifications
General specifications
Colour White
Absorption Capacity 4 l/m2
Backing Black vinyl (DOP free)
Brand Notrax
Edges Vinyl borders: 2.5 cm on all sides
Material Frieze 100% polyamide 6.6 high twist yarns
Process Tufting
Usage Intensity Medium traffic
Yarn Construction Cut loop pile - frieze
Cleaning Instructions Vacuum clean
Cleaning and Maintenance Vacuum clean
Cleaning Remark Vacuum clean.
Recommended use For placement in large entrances at hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, public buildings, department stores, banks, restaurants.
Test results
Crush Resistance Best
Rating Dust Control Better
Water Retention Best