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Standard Sorbent for Eco Stance™ 580F Notrax

Art. no: 580F
Product description
Standard Sorbent for Eco Stance™
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Product Features
  • Standard sorbent for Eco Stance
  • Polypropylene absorbents offer exceptional absorbency.
  • Reinforced and lint free.
  • Absorbs most industrial liquids.
  • Quick and easy to deploy, no time waste.
Product description
Standard Sorbent for Eco Stance™ effectively absorbs a wide range of industrial liquids, including hydrocarbons and their by-products. With reinforcement and a lint-free surface on both sides, it offers durability and resistance. This heavy-duty sorbent is ideal for capturing and containing drips from machinery and work benches.
Selling Points
  • Exceptional absorbency
  • Rapid and effortless deployment, no time wasted.
  • Unlike granules it is easy to visualize its condition.
Technical specifications
General specifications
Brand Notrax