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Sani-Trax® 346 Notrax Disinfecting foot bath Black

Art. no: 346-BL
Product description
Rubber foot bath cleans and disinfects shoes to prevent contamination. Fill with disinfectant liquid to clean and sanitize shoes.
  • Anti-Slip
  • Hot water jet wash
  • PAH 3
  • V-defence™
  • Heavy Use
Colour: Black
  • images/336710/notrax-r-346-sani-trax-black-full-51777.jpg?sf=1
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  • Convenient mat size fits most doorways
  • Suction cups on underside prevents mat from shifting
  • 100% tough natural rubber compound; designed to resist to most chemicals and variations in temperature
Product description
This mat cleans and sanitizes shoes, recommended at entrances to all food processing areas. Thousands of flexible fingers provide an automatic scrubbing action that dislodges contaminants from footwear. As traffic passes, rubber tips bend under pressure to immerse soles in disinfectant solution, a double action that keeps contamination from reaching food processing areas. Convenient mat size fits most doorways. Suction cups on underside prevents mat from shifting.
  • Thickness: 19 mm
  • 100% natural rubber compound
  • Holds 4 ½ litres of disinfecting solution
  • Available in 60 cm x 81 cm to fit most entrances
Technical specifications
General specifications
Colour Black
Application Industrial Environments
Brand Notrax
Edges Bevelled rubber borders on all four sides
Material Natural rubber
Process Compression Moulding
Usage Intensity Heavy traffic
Cleaning Instructions Hose off with water
Recommended use At doorways, starter rooms, packaging areas, laboratories, employee locker rooms, break rooms, refuse areas and receiving areas. Any place where spread of contamination needs to be limited.
Remark Use quaternary ammonium, iodine, chlorine, or any other sanitizer but always test its concentration. Most sanitizers are concentrated and must be diluted before use in a footbath. Follow label directions for appropriate dilutions.
Test results
Anti-fatigue Good
Slip Resistance Best
Wear Resistance Best