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Painted Steel IBC Bunds for Safe Indoor Spill Containment ECI Sall spill containment pallet Orange

Art. no: ECI-OR
Product description
Steel bunded pallets for safe indoor storage of IBCs
  • Indoor Use
Colour: Orange
  • images/343443/sall-eci-painted-steel-ibc-bunds-for-safe-indoor-spill-containment-spill-containment-pallet-orange-full-87138.jpg?sf=1
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Product Features
  • Structure made of powder-coated carbon steel S235JR
  • Removable hot-dip galvanized grating, edged and freestanding with a high load-bearing capacity
  • Warning panels and product identification plate
  • 4-way forklift access
  • Varnished with polyester powder for superior resistance
  • Optional integrated tank made of PP, PE, or PVC depending on the corrosive liquids being contained is available on request
Product description
When storing IBCs there is a risk that the stored hazardous liquid could spill or leak and this can happen during storage due to failure of the IBC or during the tapping phase. In the event of failure or leakage, our painted steel IBC spill containment pallets will catch any spillage into the bund. Sall offers a complete range of certified and tested IBC bunds to meet and exceed all mandatory standards and regulations. IBC spill containment pallets are equipped with removable galvanized high load capacity grates for easy cleaning and maintenance. Available the tilted support and splash side guards order to best meet your storage and capacity needs. All of Sall bunds for safe indoor IBC storage are made of carbon steel. On request, is available an optional internal tank made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or PVC depending on the corrosive liquid being stored in the IBC. If you need something very specific, we can provide completely customized bunded storage solutions. All of the spill sump pallets undergo non-destructive watertightness and welding tests in compliance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021 norms.
Selling Points
  • Safe storage for IBCs in case of leaks
  • One steel spill pallet that can contain acids: Steel structure and optional internal plastic tank for both acids containment and extreme resistance and durability.
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Watertight tested with non-destructive tests
Technical specifications
General specifications
Colour Orange
Color/Finish Varnished Orange
Material Carbon Steel S235JR
Application For storage of drums, tanks or leaky equipment.
Brand Sall
Process Welding
Usage Intensity Heavy duty
Cleaning Instructions Hose off with water
Cleaning and Maintenance Hose off with water
Cleaning Remark Always follow local regulations for proper disposal of liquids that are contained in the sump. For safety reasons, we recommend immediately removing the hazardous liquid from the sump. To avoid damaging the sump do not mechanically clean or use abrasives. Depending on the substance that needs to be cleaned, we recommend using the specific TekSorb industrial absorbent for best results.
Recommended use For the safe indoor storage of IBCs, containing hazardous and polluting liquids in the event of accidental leaks or failure of the IBC that could occur during daily operations. For workplace, people and environmental safety.
Remark All sumps are compliant with EU regulations and the Italian D.Lgs. 2000 n. 258 according to which the sumps minimum volume should be equal to the biggest stored container volume and not less than one-third (1/3) of the total volume stored. Wherever substance storage is located in an underground water-protected area, it is specified that the entire stored volume should fit inside the sump (100%).