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Heavy Duty Sorbent for Sorb Stance™ 580H Notrax

Art. no: 580H
Product description
Reinforced, Heavy Duty Polypropylene Sorbent for Sorb Stance™
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Product Features
  • Polypropylene absorbents provides exceptional absorbency
  • Reinforced and 100% lint free
  • Absorbs most industrial liquids
  • Quick and easy to deploy, no time waste
Product description
Heavy Duty Sorbent for Sorb Stance™ absorbs most industrial liquids such as hydrocarbons and derivative products. It is reinforced and 100% lint free on both sides, making the product resistant and durable. This heavy duty sorbent catches and retains drips from machinery and work benches.
Selling Points
  • Exceptional absorbency (up to 25 times its own weight)
  • Quick and easy to deploy, no time waste
  • Unlike granules it is easy to visualize its condition
Technical specifications
General specifications
Brand Notrax
Usage Intensity Heavy duty
Recommended use For placement in manufacturing plants, assembly lines, picking, packing and logistics warehouses, individual work stations.