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Conductive Runner™ 743 Notrax electro static discharge mats Black

Art. no: 743-BL
Product description
Conductive work surface that dissipates static from conductive items placed on it.
  • Full Roll
  • Custom Length
  • ESD - Anti-static
Colour: Black
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Product description
Conductive runner dissipates static from conductive items placed on it. Protects sensitive components safe from damaging static shocks. Pebble top surface that is abrasion resistant and easy to wipe clean with recommended art. 057 Mat Cleaner. Specialized line of ESD accessories to ensure a static free workplace and protect employees and sensitive electrical equipment. Use these accessories to connect table work surface, employees and conductive material to a common grounding point. This creates a balance between all items and personnel to ensure static electricity will flow to ground in a controlled manner. For use in ESD working zones to protect electrostatic sensitive components.
Selling Points
  • Conductive vinyl runner
  • Overall Thickness: 3 mm
  • Measured resistance Rg10³ Ω - Rp10⁵ Ω
  • Ideal for flooring and walkways, or as liners for work tables or storage shelves
  • Smooth working surface is easy to clean
Technical specifications
General specifications
Colour Black
Recycled Content 0.00
Application Industrial Environments
Brand Notrax
Edges Pressed borders on all sides
Process Foaming
Temperature Range -28 ° C to + 93 ° C
Usage Intensity Medium duty
Recommended use For placement in ESD assembly lines, picking, packing and logistics warehouses, individual work stations for use with static sensitive components or workstations.